ISO Energy

ISO Energy

A unique mix of quick releasing carbohydrates, electrolytes and caffeine.

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Flavour: Fresh Orange
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Product Info

ISO Energy is a unique mix of quick releasing carbohydrates, electrolytes and caffeine, delivering a rapid, high energy, stimulating drink.

ISO Energy rehydrates the body, replenishes depleted energy stores and sustains energy levels. Ideal for increasing performance over a prolonged period of time.  

ISO Energy has combination of carbohydrates and caffeine, which studies have shown to, significantly improve sporting performance, an ideal drink for endurance athletes.

ISO Energy is the number One product for fuelling the body, pre, during and post exercise.

Suggested Use

Add 1.5 scoops (40g) to 200ml of water and mix well. 

Effective when consumed before and during physical activity. 

Nutritional Info

Serving Size: 40g (Approx. one scoop and a hlaf)
Servings per container: 30

Typical Analysis*
  Per Serving Per 100g
Energy 610kj 1525kj
  146kcals 365kcals
Carbohydrates 36g 91g
- of which Dextrose Monohydrate 22g 56g
- of which Maltodextrin 10g 25g
- of which Fructose 4g 10g
- of which Sugars 26g 66g
(naturally occuring)    
Electrolyte Matrix    
- Sodium 1000mg 2000mg
- Calcium 1000mg 2000mg
- Potassium 1000mg 2000mg
- Magnesium 1000mg 2000mg
- Phosphorus 1000mg 2000mg
- Vitamin C 200mg 400mg
- Vitamin E 70mg 140mg
Caffeine 100mg 200mg
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